Rondo Media

In September 2014, S4C broadcast the first afternoon of Clwb (Club). The Rondo produced programme represented the broadcaster’s restructuring of their sports broadcasting where for 6 hours on a Sunday you can now watch a live football and a live rugby match in their entirety as well as coverage and features on various other sports.

The features are discussed by a range of presenters, and analysts and utilises social media to involve the audience. This required a large graphics package and the brief asked for a contemporary, unexpected and holistic way of presenting the graphics. At pitch stage, we submitted the idea of using forced perspective images of sports people painted on to surfaces of a modern sports stadium. The stylised images are meant to look at home on the surfaces of the bold architecture, for most of the time they are abstract and only make sense when the camera is at a certain position. The tracking camera and forming and un-forming shapes bring movement to the static imagery. The logo also only forms when the camera reaches a certain position and this idea is replicated in the studio. The scenes are devoid of people and away from the arena which gives a sense of unspecified sport taking place within. As well as titles and bumpers, we supplied a range of stings, travels and looping studio backgrounds as well as templates for scheduling menu and feature menu, name supers, crawls and social media windows to be used by the live graphics operators.

Clwb GFX Package