Egyptian Vice
Wild Dream Films

Wild dream films beat off stiff competition to win a two part docudrama commission from American broadcaster Spike. The series ‘Egyptian Vice’, part of the King Tut season, evoked a dramatised vision of the life and vices of some of the most illustrious ancient Egyptian rulers. The ambitious scale of the production required us to be involved from the early development stages, working closely with the show runner, director, cinematographer and production department. We were tasked with delivering a suite of graphics which included titles, maps, CGI palaces, set extensions and a stylised battle.

Roughcollie were commissioned to create three palaces of ancient Egypt; Malkata, Alexandria and Karnak. We created vast cityscapes and environments to situate the palaces. We then populated each scene with actors and CGI animals. The scenes were animated, composited and graded to produce shots of varying scale and perspectives.

Wild dream required a number of set extensions to give scale to the amazing sets the production department created bespoke in studio. We were also commissioned to create a stylised battle and execution scenes. We worked closely with the director, cinematographer and the specialist fight director on a green screen shoot involving a cast of trained combatants. We then created a CGI battlefield populated with the choreographed stuntmen to evoke an ancient, epic hand to hand conflict.

The titles were an attempt to encapsulate the twin themes of the series; light and darkness, pleasure and pain, indulgence and cruelty. We visualised these themes with milk and blood, shot at high speed; dramatic imagery already associated with the excesses of the ancient Egyptian culture.