Hidden Heroines
Broadcast and web promotion

In 2020 a statue will be unveiled of Betty Campbell in front of the new BBC building in central Cardiff. She was the first woman of colour to become a headmistress in Wales and championed her nation’s multicultural heritage throughout her life. Nelson Mandela sought her out on his only visit to Wales, an indication of her amazing achievements.

In 2019 there was a public vote to choose whom the statue would represent. The candidates were all great Welsh women from different backgrounds and eras. The vote needed to be widely publicised and the BBC commissioned Parasol media to produce this content, who in turn commissioned us to help. We packaged the campaign with bilingual branding and created a series of films which attempted to condense the candidates immense achievements in to 2 minutes each. These were then shown on the BBC news, online and social media platforms and other press outlets. The films were passionately researched, written and produced by Carolyn Hitt and Sian G Lloyd from Parasol and brought to life by Cerys Matthews. 

All of the candidates achieved great things, championed rights and improved the lives of ordinary people. Street murals have long been used by communities to celebrate the achievements of their champions and we decided this would be a good way of illustrating their lives. We created a series of vibrant and colourful residential and industrial backdrops and decorated them with numerous  facts, illustrations and animations. The technique also proved a useful way for presenting disparate imagery, many of dubious quality, in a cohesive and effective way.

You can learn more about the shortlisted candidates by watching the full films here:


And you can see a short edit above.