Iaith Ar Daith Stings 2022
Iaith Ar Daith Stings 2023
Iaith Ar Daith Promo '22 & '23
Broadcast and Online Promotion

Now in its fourth year, Iaith ar daith (Language on tour) returns for another series on S4C.

Celebrities and their Welsh-speaking mentors travel to different parts of Wales in order to learn some more of the language, and take on several challenges along the way.

In 2022 S4C needed some fresh car based promos to launch the series and in 2023 these were freshened up to feature the new celebrity pairings. The quirky scenes place the cars in linguistic challenges similar to those the learners face such as numbers, mutations and sentence structure. In 2023, the cars and scenes were adapted to allude to the celebrities’ professions. The broadcast promos were then adapted as brand stings and for various social media uses.