Welsh Language Promo
Iaith ar Daith
Broadcast and online promotion

Five celebrities, five mentors and five different reasons for learning Welsh – this is what is at the heart of Iaith ar Daith (Welsh on the Road) – a brand new series which begins on S4C in April. Every week, one celebrity and their Welsh-speaking mentor, who is also a well-known face, travel to different parts of Wales in order to learn some more of the language – and there will be several challenges along the way. (S4C press release).

It was a pleasure to work with S4C to develop a range of promo material for this fun and educational series. First we created a colourful and stylised Welsh terrain of hills, bridges, buildings and rivers, some of these were represented by giant Welsh letters and words. Navigating the terrain at break neck speed in customised cars, the celebrities race to collect stars representing challenges. It was important to show the celebrities real faces throughout the promos and marketing elements to reinforce the entertainment documentary nature of the programme but rather than use footage we slightly caricatured and animated their features to react to their environment and to blend with the overall style.