Welsh National Opera

We were asked by Welsh National Opera to help promote their new youth opera ‘Kommilitonen!’. We proposed a plan to create a suite of social media blips which would be posted over WNO’s digital platforms. We combined film and animation to create movies which promoted Kommilitonen’s themes and characters. The marketing department of WNO used the suite of animations to keep the messaging fresh, releasing new blips every week over the month up until opening night. The films gave the┬ámarketing of the production traction, garnering likes and retweets and helping the opera to achieve sellout performances.

The central theme of the opera is resistance, it tells the stories of 3 young revolutionaries: A young black activist from 1950s segregated America, the leader of the ‘White Rose’ movement in Nazi Germany and a young intellectual family during China’s cultural revolution. The cast of the production were filmed during a break in their rehearsal schedule. We directed them to scream into a wide angle lens. The silent scream became a poignant representation of the themes of the opera.