Only Connect

We were commissioned by Presentable to brand their quiz for BBC4’s ‘Only Connect’ and to produce the titles and suite of onscreen graphics for the series. The Only Connect quiz proved to be notoriously difficult for its viewers, despite this it has become one of BBC4’s most successful programmes. Building on this groundswell, the BBC commissioned an online version of the game to run in tandem with the third series. Presentable asked us to create a flash game based on the ‘Wall’ round of the quiz. We worked with them to create and design a viable web based template for the game, then built a prototype that ensured that the gameplay was effective and that it remained faithful to the original. We commissioned the talented team at Innivo to build the game mechanics and to ensure seamless integration within the BBC framework.

The online quiz rolled out half way through season 3. Victoria Coren promoted the online quiz in the programme and in her popular blog, it quickly captured the interest of the Only Connect faithful and began to register high viewing figures. According to the BBC the online game, after the conclusion of the season 3 final, had registered 1,445,397 fun walls completed, 39,000 tournament walls played, and an amalgamated 10,000 Facebook and Twitter in game link clicks.