Showroom & Social media

To celebrate the launch of a new range of office furniture our client wanted a film to help showcase the new look and promote their campaign. Working with such an important product It was important to ensure that we created a film that showed the chair designs in an elegant way and keep the look of our animation as close as possible to the physical look of the model.

The furniture is designed and manufactured in the UK and we had full access to the client’s design team who gave us the CAD drawings. We finessed the models in our 3d software and created a suite of textures that mirrored the physical swatches of the range.

The creative director introduced us to the look of the range and we were tasked with creating a animation set within the confines of the brand. Utilising animated walls and backdrops we created a choreographed film that begins as an image but quickly turns into a moving exhibition of the physical charms of the furniture. We employed traditional camera techniques in our animation, realistic lighting and strong use of depth of field with focus give a sense of authenticity.

The film premiered at the Clerkenwell festival and has been rolled out to the UK and US stores