S4C Christmas Campaign: Christmas Eve ident
S4C Christmas campaign
Broadcast Package

It’s a real pleasure when we get invited to work with S4C on their seasonal campaigns and this year’s Christmas package was particularly enjoyable. Based on Sami traditional dress and patterns we created a race of hard working / hard partying elves and built a fully functioning toy workshop complete with cog driven shoots, slides and conveyor belts powered by heat from the boiler room.

Up until Christmas the animations featured the elves hard at work producing toys for the big day. After Christmas day the elves enjoy their time off and celebrate. The package consisted of numerous idents, stings, break bumpers, promo endboards and online animated messages.

S4C’s press release entitled S4C ‘wins Christmas’ included the following:

According to a number of contributors to the “TV Forum” discussion forum, S4C’s Christmas campaign this year is among the best they’ve seen for years. There was a special praise as the participants understood that S4C had to compete with other channels but with a much smaller budget.

Owain Morgan-Jones, S4C’s Image and Brand Leader paid tribute to Roughcollie animation company for the work:

“The work the Roughcollie team has done in packaging S4C’s Christmas schedule this year is of the highest standard. The work is lovely, fun and, of course, festive. I am delighted that S4C and Roughcollie’s work is valued by the contributors of this site which compares the presentation images of all types of channels around the world.“We hope that the viewers also enjoy the tiny little characters that fit alongside S4C’s programmes over the festive period.”

S4C Christmas Campaign: Christmas Day ident
S4C Christmas Campaign: Break bumpers