Christmas 2013

We were commissioned to produce a series of Christmas themed idents which accompanied this year’s S4C festive programming. The CGI idents, which were introduced in the lead up to Christmas, show the adventures of a small Robin as he flies across snow covered landscapes inspired by the towns, villages and mountains of Wales

The escapades of the Robin across the idents are based upon the old Welsh folk song ‘Robin Goch ar Ben y Rhiniog’, which means ‘Little Robin on the door step’ and aims to reflect the festive spirit onto the S4C brand. As well as the idents, we produced stings, promo elements and a 30 second Christmas message.

“Christmas inspires a variety of different images in every one of us. This year we hope that by introducing this small animated Robin to our programing it becomes a central part of our festive brand that will strengthen the warmth of S4C’s services throughout the Christmas period.” S4C’s Head of On-screen Promotions, Aled Wyn Phillips

Music by Tom Raybould
Sound design by Cranc